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This Internet Marketing Workshop Will Show You How to
Attract All the Customers You Want Using Facebook!

Edison Guzman - Internet Marketing WorkshopsDear Small Business Owner,

My name is Edison Guzman, and over the past 8 years, through my internet marketing workshops, I’ve shown thousands of small business owners how to generate more leads, sell more product, and increase business revenue using the power of the Internet.

The business world has changed dramatically over the past few years and social media is now one of the most effective and powerful ways to promote your business.

As you may know, facebook, with over 1.31 billion members is one of the most effective ways to promote your business, simply because your target market is already there.

Although facebook is a great marketing tool for your business, as a small business owner, your time is money. You need to know what works on facebook, and NOT waste time just socializing.

This is why when you attend this new, full day “Facebook Internet Marketing Workshop for the Small Business Owner,” you’ll come away with a strategic plan to get more customers faster and easier.

This Full Day Facebook Internet Marketing Workshop
Will be Held on May 17th from 9am to 4pm.

This is what will be covered at this Social Media Marketing Plan workshop:

  • How to find people on facebook that are eager to buy what youíre selling.
  • How to create the most profitable social media marketing plan for your business.
  • The time-saving tools to use to get the best targeted audience, quickly and easily.
  • How to get excited customers to spread your message.
  • Creating profitable facebook ad campaigns.
  • 3 major mistakes business owners make when advertising on facebook.
  • How to avoid losing your page on facebook.
  • Using facebook to get people to easily Know, Like and Trust you.
  • How to use proven, time-tested ad strategies to get maximum traffic to your web site, even with a small budget.
  • The tested and proven, most profitable ad placement for your campaign.
  • The easiest way to advertise on facebook, even with all their changes.
  • What to do when your ads slow down. (Hint: You donít increase your budget)
  • When you should advertise to increase ad conversions.
  • Who to target online. (Itís different on weekdays, than weekends. This will save you a bundle)
  • How to adjust your ad budget according to your industryís business cycle.
  • and many other social media marketing strategies.

Naturally, we’ll cover any internet marketing related topic you’d like to discuss as well. My goal for this workshop is to answer all of your facebook marketing questions so that you come away with an exact plan to generate leads or sell more product every day.

When you attend this facebook marketing workshop, you’ll have the right tools, resources and knowledge necessary to start immediately generating more leads, selling more products, and increasing company revenues using the power of the Internet.

Imagine attending this workshop and discovering the exact methods successful small business owners are using to grow their business online. The beauty about the internet, is that you can implement what only successful business owners are utilizing to grow their business. Success leaves clues, and you’ll be able to detect them once you attend this workshop.

As you know, the internet is always changing. Strategies that worked a year ago, may no longer be effective. Effective strategies change so fast, that whatever book you find at your local book store or Amazon, may already be 50% obsolete. The problem is, which 50% works, and which is no longer effective.

This is why I’m hosting this workshop. It’s pure content. There is no hidden agenda and nothing else for sale. There will be no fluff, no theory, no useless information. To guarantee this, I am teaching the entire workshop myself.

If you don’t know me yet, Google my name (Edison Guzman) and see what comes up. I’ve been helping small business owners grow their business with powerful marketing strategies since 1997.

As an advocate for the growth of small business owners, I promise that…

You Will Walk Away From this Workshop
Knowing Exactly How to Use Facebook
to Attract More Customers, or
I’ll Gladly Refund Your Tuition.

I’ve tested, implemented, and experimented with all of the strategies you will learn in this facebook marketing workshop. I will leave no stone un-turned when answering your questions, and you will experience one of the most productive workshops you’ve ever attended. If you feel otherwise, simply ask for a full refund and I’ll gladly refund your tuition.

This information did not come easy. I’ve spent thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours testing and perfecting these facebook strategies for myself and my clients. I will share with you what worked, and what did not work.

Who will benefit most from this facebook marketing workshop?

  • Small business owners who haven’t quite reached $3,000,000 in sales.
  • Business owners struggling with online advertising.
  • Business owners using PPC, but not getting the results they wanted.
  • Business owners with a small advertising budget that needs to squeeze every penny.
  • Business owners that know that the internet is the solution, but have not been able to capitalize on it.
  • Business owners who are tired of paying for ineffective advertising.
  • Business owners who are just starting in business.
  • Business owners who are serious about making 2014 their best year ever.
  • Business owners that want to create a facebook marketing blueprint they can easily follow throughout 2014 and beyond.

This workshop will be your shortcut to small business success and you will finally stop wasting some of your advertising dollars.

One Low Tuition Fee Will Reserve Your Seat
to This Live Workshop!

You’d probably expect to pay hundreds of dollars to attend a workshop such as this, plus air fare and hotel. And you’re right to expect that, since the information you’ll learn here (once implemented properly) has the potential to increase revenues for your small business.

At $495, this workshop is a steal, but you won’t pay that amount when you register early.

Register today for only $95 (No registration at the door)

Click here to register right now.

(Even it it's 2 a.m.)
You'll receive an email confirmation
immediately after the registration process.

Internet Marketing for the Small Business

Your satisfaction is my number one concern. Therefore, I guarantee that you will leave this Internet Marketing workshop totally satisfied with the content I present. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply ask for a refund right after the workshop, and I will gladly refund your tuition in full.

I’ll see you there.

Internet Marketing for Small Business

PS: I am limiting this facebook Internet marketing workshop to a small group of small business owners so that I can ensure that I answer all questions and address your every need. Register today at the discounted registration tuition for the full day.

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Here's what some of past attendees had to say about the live workshops:

"Edison presents a highly enlightening seminar on ways to exploit web technology and tools to attract new clients and increase traffic to your site. How to unleash your full potential was explained."
Lenny Keitel

"I have wanted to know more about how to use the internet to grow my business but didn't know where to go to get that information. This was very comprehensive and it was local. I was also able to get answers to many questions about Internet Marketing."
Lyneth Whitley

"Outstanding! I can't wait to start submitting articles and reviews. The information on keywords and blogs was also excellent and pointed me in the right direction."
Alan Andrews

"You really got my mind going on how to use videos in marketing."
Al Beers

"I never thought about using social media networks to promote the business. When it was explained in detail, how it can help bring new customers to us, I realized this was an untapped customer base."
Kim Ashcraft

"I found the workshop informative. The most important thing to me was how to get my web site to come up on the first page of a search, which I think was well covered."
Michael Boyle

"Not only was the info relevant to increase my business, it also was congruent. Each segment and topic built upon increasing traffic thru the Internet to my web site. I am leaving with specific know-how steps and tools to immediately increase my revenue! Thanks Edison!"
Esther Sue Murray

"A day that was filled with useful information. Thanks for sharing A.I.D.A., W.I.I.F.M."
Marilyn D'Ambrosio